About Us


The Moral Purpose of Cranbourne South Primary School is to ensure that:

* decisions are based on what is right for the child and their development as whole beings.
* the individual starting point of a child’s growth is valued; they learn at different paces and through varied approaches.
* children’s achievements are celebrated.
* a child’s cultural heritage is acknowledged and respected.
* being a literate and numerate individual is still, and will continue to be, at the cornerstone of our educational priorities.
* relationship building is fostered in the connections we develop between students, with staff, with families and the broader community.
* active participation of parents is seen as an essential part of children’s success at school
* staff exercise high levels of ethical and professional behaviour.
* professional growth is supported; which is vital and continuous.



Cranbourne South Primary School was established on April 23 1956 in a one room building and a total of 27 students. The school’s official opening was conducted on August 24 1956. The first ‘Head Teacher” Mr P.B. Botsman was an energetic man with the support of an equally energetic school committee and mother’s club.

A second classroom was added at the end on 1961 with a third added in 1970. By 1975 the school was extended to six classrooms plus two offices, staffroom, storeroom and attached toilets.

Facilities & Locations

Cranbourne South Primary School has the following facilities:

  • Total of 16 classrooms
  • Google ICT platform
  • Hitachi interactive screens in all classrooms
  • Chromeboxes in all classrooms
  • Chromebooks, iPads and iPad minis accessible by all students
  • A Multi-purpose room
  • Library facilities
  • Fitness Track complete with fitness stations
  • Outdoor basketball and netball courts
  • Outdoor chess board
  • Welfare Officers
  • Before and After School Care Program (Camp Australia)

School Locations Map
Room Locations 2020




Monique Corcoran

Assistant Principal:
Sally Herbert

Junior School
Fa Katelyn Watkins
Fb Jessica Doolan
F/1a Elaine Doughty
1a Melanie Williams
1b Rachael Richardson/Bianca Chiovitti

Middle School
2a Emma Slocombe 
2b Reagan Ryan
3a Pip Atherton
3b Chris Youl
3/4a Karen Halket
4a Liam Gillick
4b Ebonee Thomas

Senior School
5/6a Colette Joannidis
5/6b Joe Dal Molin
5/6c Rob Guy
5/6d Kathy Goodwin

Specialist Staff
Physical Vibe – Tat Stanley
STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) – Natalia Lopo-Morales and Delvina Waiti
Reading Discovery and Literacy support – Kendra Anderson
Student Welfare support – Rachael Mazzaglia, Sharon Cattanach & David Kennedy

Office Staff
Carol Cross
Lisa McMahon
Kirstie Scutt
Sue Fiala
Laura Kiellerup

Educational Support Staff
Nichola Allen
Rani Bawa
Sarah Birthisel
Cindy Burke
Sharon Cattanach
Joanne Clark
Brendan Corcoran
Meredith de Mar
Grace Roberts
Lee Rutter
Hayley Van Roest
Moira Wilson

School Day Structure

Cranbourne South Primary School starts classroom instruction each day at 9 am and concludes at 3.30 pm unless otherwise notified.

Bell times are as follows

Bag Bell


9.00 – 10.40
First session

10.40 – 11.10

11.10 – 12.50
Second session

12.50 – 1.50

1.50 – 3.30
Third session