Foundation enrolments

Important Dates for 2023 Enrolments

Early Enrolment Registration/Interest opens
Enrolment bookings now open!

Enrolment Tours available from
Tours begin from Tuesday, 24 May 2022

Enrolment Forms Due
Friday, 24 June, 2022

Placement offers & transiton information distributed
Early Term 3 2022

Q & A Principal Class Session with 2023 Foundation parents
Tuesday, 19 July 2022 – 5-6pm

Step Up to School – Online session – Nature Play
Thursday, 28 July 2022 – 4-5pm

Placement acceptance due
Friday, 5 August 2022

Step Up to School – Onsite session – Book Week
Friday, 26 August 2022 – 2-3pm

Step Up to School – Discovery Session 1
Tuesday, 8 November 2022 – 11:15am-12:45pm

Step Up to School – Discovery Session 2
Wednesday, 16 November 2022 – 11:15am-12:45pm

Step Up to School – Discovery Session 3
Thursday, 24 November 2022 – 11:15am-12:45pm


First Weeks of School 2023

Tuesday, 31 January, 2023 from 9:30am to 1pm only

Wednesday, 1 February, 2023 – Foundation Students*

Thursday, 2 February, 2023 onwards  – Full days, 4 days per week*

*Foundation students will not be required at school for the first four Wednesdays:  1 February, 8 February, 15 February and 22 February 2023

Monday, 27 February, 2023 onwards  – Full week

Dates for 2024 Enrolments

Early Enrolment Registration/Interest opens
Ferbruary 2023

Enrolment Tours available from
Tours begin from Tuesday, 25 April 2023

Q & A Principal Class session with 2024 Foundation parents
Thursday, 8 June 2023

Enrolment Forms Due
Friday, 23 June, 2023

Placement offers & transition information distributed
Early Term 3 2023

Step Up to School – Online session – Nature play
Thursday, 27 July 2023

Placement acceptance due
Friday, 4 August 2023

Step Up to School – Onsite session – Book Week
Friday, 25 August 2023

Step Up to School – Discovery Session 1
Tuesday, 7 November 2023

Step Up to School – Discovery Session 2
Wednesday, 15 November 2023

Step Up to School – Discovery Session 3
Thursday, 23 November 2023

First Weeks of School 2024

Thursday, 1 February, 2024 from 9:30am to 1pm only

Friday, 2 February, 2024 onwards  – Full day

Monday, 8 February, 2024 onwards  – Full days, 4 days per week*

*Foundation students will not be required at school for the first four Wednesdays:  31 January, 7 February, 14 February and 21 February 2024

Monday, 26 February, 2024 onwards  – Full week

Enrolment 2023 Update – 

As Term 2 concludes, so does a busy term of school tours.  We have had a wonderful time meeting and showcasing our school to prospective families.

Many enrolment forms have been received with planning for 2023 underway.  Our next steps are to invite our 2023 students to our transition sessions, please see the ‘Important Dates for 2023 Enrolments’ button for more information.

If you have toured, are intending on enrolling at CSPS but have not yet returned your enrolment form, we ask that you do so asap to ensure you are kept up to date with all further enrolment details.  Enrolment forms can be received in person or email, please ensure you supply a copy of your child’s birth and immunisation certificates.

If you have not yet toured but would like to, please select the ‘Register and Book a Tour Here’ button to your right.

Please feel free to call us on 03 9782 299 at any time, we are here to help.

Thank you,

Enrolment Team


Starting school for the first time is a very special milestone for both you and your child. Rest assured, we will help you through this process.

To be eligible for enrolment, a child must have had his/her fifth birthday by April 30 in the year in which he/she commences school.

Cranbourne South Primary School is a member of the Casey South Enrolment Network.  Please have a read of the following documentation when considering where to enrol your child.
Please note: The Casey South Enrolment Network information for 2022 will be shared once available.

Letter From Principals – Casey South Network
Enrolment Process – Casey South Network  
Casey South Network – Schools

Once you have browed out enrolment section, if you still have an unanswered questions, please do not hesitate to call us on 03 9782 2999.

Foundation Enrolments FAQ’s

What is a designated neighbourhood school zone?

Cranbourne South Primary School is a government school. All children who are Australian citizens or permanent residents, under eighteen years of age, are entitled to be enrolled in a Victorian government school.  They are guaranteed a place in their designated neighbourhood school and may choose any other school in which space is available.

Am I in the zone?

Our school zone is available on which hosts the most up-to-date information about Victorian school zones.

Students residing in this zone are guaranteed a place at our school, which is determined on the basis of your permanent residential address.

The Department provides guidance through the Placement Policy to ensure that students have access to their designated neighbourhood school and the freedom to choose other schools, subject to facility limitations.

You can find more information and answers to frequently asked questions on the Department’s website under School zones

Where do I start?

Firstly, we would like to invite you to tour our school, during a school tour we would take the time to get to know you and your child, discuss any questions you may have, and provide you with the relevant documentation for enrolment.

Am I eligible for the Camps, Sports & Excursions Fund (CSEF)?

The Victorian Government provides CSEF to assist eligible families to cover the costs of school trips, camps and sporting activities.  If you hold a valid means-tested concession card or are a temporary foster parent, you may be eligible for CSEF. A special consideration category also exists for asylum seeker and refugee families. The allowance is paid to the school to use towards expenses relating to camps, excursions or sporting activities for the benefit of your child.

Can I enrol my child without a school tour?

If you are confident that we are your school of choice, we welcome you to complete an enrolment form and return it via email @
Foundation Enrolment Form
Foundation Enrolment Process Flyer
Our Attendance Officer will contact you once your enrolment form is recieved.
Please note: further enrolment fomrs are available in the Notices & Forms section of this website.

What do I need to provide?

If you think we are the perfect fit, all documentation must be handed in to the office by the last week of Term 2 (see important dates below).  Only completed documentation will be accepted. This MUST include:

  • Completed Enrolment
  • Certified proof of birth.  Eg. Birth Certificate and/or Passport
  • Your child’s Immunisation Certificate/Record* (please see below)
  • If your child lives between two households it is required that an Alternative Family Enrolment Form is completed for Adult B.
When will I know if my child is enrolled?

We offer placements usually at the end of July, giving you up to 2 weeks to accept the position. Please call the school on 9782 2999 to confirm your intention to enrol/decline by the end of August.

I have confirmed placement, what happens next?

We will be in touch with regards to future events in preparation for the up and coming school year.

You may also like to browse our website further.

What about transition programs?

At Cranbourne South Primary School, the ‘Step Up to School’ program is an opportunity for your child to experience Foundation and familiarise themselves with our school. Our dedicated teachers and staff will interact and support your child through a variety of fun and engaging activities.

The Step Up to School program includes a mini sports day, four transition sessions and a parent information session.

Further information regarding our ‘Step Up to School’ program will be communicated with families after enrolment is confirmed.

Can I enrol for future years?

Unfortunately we don’t keep a waiting list of those wishing to enrol for future years. Please be sure to check back in Term 1 of the new school year for updated dates and information for the following year.

*New amendments to the No Jab, No Play legislation have tightened requirements for enrolment and impact acceptable documentation for school entry immunisation requirements. An Immunisation History Statement from the Australian Immunisation Register will be the only form of documentation accepted as proof of a child’s immunisation status.

Documents produced by GPs or other immunisation providers will no longer be sufficient as a form of evidence.

Parents must provide an immunisation status certificate, from the Australian Immunisation Register, to the school regardless of whether the child is or is not immunised.

Virtual Tour Video

Due to COVID in 2020, we were unable to conduct personalised, on-site enrolment tours, instead we made our very first virtual tour.

We are excited to share with you our Virtual Tour video, proudly created by our staff and students.  We hope you enjoy it and welcome your enrolment enquiry.

Transferring Schools

If you are planning on moving to or moving from Cranbourne South Primary School, please contact the office as soon as possible on 9782 2999

Transition from Year 6 to 7

Information for parents / carers on moving from primary school to secondary school can be found at Moving from primary to secondary school: information for parents.

While parents / carers can access the Information Pack and Application Form on the Department’s website, our school will also make every effort to provide families of Year 6 students a copy of the Year 7 Placement Information Pack and Application Form.