The BIG Write will be held on Thursday 6th June for Foundation to Year 6. The topic for this week is

THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE (click on link to view)

A recount retells an experience or an event that happened in the past. The purpose of a recount can be to inform, entertain or to reflect and evaluate.  A recount can focus on a specific section of an event or retell the entire story.  A recount should always be told in the order that things happened. A recount can come in many forms; personal recount, factual, imaginative, procedural and literary recount.  A recount answers the 5W’s – Who, What, Where, When, Why and a timeline of events.

All families are encouraged to participate in the ‘Big Talk’ home  learning and discuss the topic and gather any ideas. Is your recount going to be factual, personal or an imaginative one? Remember to use language such as firstly, then and write in the past tense. If they can’t speak it then they can’t write it!