The next Big Write will be held on Thursday 28th March for Year 1 to 6. The Foundations will participate in a Big Talk. All students will need to persuade their reader which is the best season of the year. We ask that families complete some talking homework in the nights leading up to the Big Write.

To help your child get the most out of their talk homework task we suggest that we try to do the following:
• Encourage as many family members as possible to be involved in Talk Homework, possibly around the meal table!
• Switch off the T.V.! Try to ensure this is dedicated talking and listening time.
• When giving your opinion, use the ‘because’ word to explain why you think that.
• Give the possible opinions of two contrasting family members who are not present for the talk, and use the ‘because’ word to explain why they may be different.
• Ask others around the table to give their opinions and to use the ‘because’ word.
• Ask your child his / her opinion and ask them to use the ‘because’ word.
• Link the topic you are given to discuss back to something you remember from when you were a child and say why things may be different now. Project forward to how things may be different in the future.

Try to use some good Vocabulary, different Connectors, interesting Openers and a variety of Punctuation when you are talking.