For Big Write on Thursday, 14 March  students are writing a persuasive text about

Students need to talk about their ideas and opinions with as many family members as possible. A great time to do this is when you are sitting at the table for dinner.

Students would love to hear your opinions and ideas as well to help them with their ideas. Please remember to use the ‘because’ word and remind your students to do the same. That way when we complete the Big Write they will have so many ideas and will be able to use connectives like ‘because’ to make their writing interesting.

VCOP provides ways for students to uplevel their work:

V=Vocabulary, wow words

C=Connectives, words that join ideas together

O=Openers, amazing ways to start a sentence. Words that end in ‘ly’ or ‘ing’ are power openers.

P=Punctuation. Ask your child to show you Kung Fu Punctuation (hand signals) to demonstrate.

Talking together as a family will make the Big Write a true celebration of writing at CSPS.