Kia ora Parents…
By now your child/ren should of come home with a P.V folder/book where the programme outline has been written up for each year level (except Foundation and Year 2). If you are able to sign anywhere on the programme outline, that you have looked at it, that would be great and then hand it back to me.
I have told the students that their required homework is to share with you what it is they have been learning in Physical Vibe, covering the next 2 terms including dates of events, assessments and our Specialist Behaviour and Effort Rubrix Matrix.
 If you have any questions by all means come and see me for a cuppa.
P.S:  It was so funny when I said that the parents have homework, the students just cheered!
P.S.S : Let me know if you need a copy.

Thank you,

Tat Stanley
Physical Vibe