In Victoria, the law requires early childhood services to take steps to make sure we have the latest immunisation information for enrolled children. In the unlikely event of an outbreak of a vaccine-preventable disease, we may need to work with health authorities to quickly identify who could be at risk and what actions or precautions need to be taken to best protect children’s health.

Schools are required to keep evidence showing your child is up to date with immunisations.

How to get an updated Immunisation History Statement

You can get an updated statement from the Australian Immunisation Register:

Immunisation After Enrolment Fact Sheet

Last week a note went out to a small number of families who we have not yet had an up to date Immunisation certificate and/or proof of birth from.  As part of the DEET requirements and to assist with our up and coming School Review we are asking these families to please forward a copy of their child’s immunisation certificate and/or proof or birth as soon as possible.