On behalf of our staff we would like to THANK YOU to all who came and supported our students! Whether you were cheering on the side line or helping out where we needed you… your contribution has definitely not gone unnoticed!

You made the day a success… it was so awesome to sit back and watch you all do your thing…But at the end of the day we all know it was for our students and they definitely stepped up this year…whuuu some close races!

For those of you who did not know how it went on Monday…pretty much our students were competing on time… not placing. This was to help with the next stage of our Swimming journey… “Selections for Divisional” (There is no District).

So all our times of those who came 1st 2nd 3rd of each race will be entered and the Regional coordinator will see how we are placed with the other schools in our District, to find out who will be representing us in Division.

For today, we acknowledged the fastest times of each discipline per age group.

Our students gave it their all today just as you all did to make this happen Thank You for making today a great success!

Thank you,
Tat Stanley
Physical Vibe