As outlined in the School Uniform Policy (see attached), please ensure all students understand and abide by uniform expectations.  The areas requiring further support by families are:

* Students are in full school uniform in relation to the approved school colours and preferably with an CSPS emblem.  Clothing with alternate logos, such as sport or casual logos, are for weekend wear.
* Students are required to wear a solid toed shoe that remains secure and does not come lose easily.
* Stud earrings and sleepers are the only earrings permitted.  Sleepers should be of a small size to ensure students are safe when playing.  Any alternate ear pieces such as shapes, sizes, colours, styles are for weekend wear and will be asked to be taken out.
* Other than clear nail polish, cosmetics are not be worn at school.  Coloured nail polish  and cosmetics such as foundation, eye shadow and mascara are weekend wear.

All teachers will be more diligent in implementing these uniform expectations.
School Council are continuing to update the uniform policy through official protocols.
Any questions, please contact the School Council President; Jodi Price or Principal; Monique Corcoran.

CSPS Uniform Policy