Medication for all types of infections are routinely prescibed for 3 or 4 times a day and we are generally not told any more than that. The idea is to maintain a steady level of medication to fight the infection and for a presciption of 3 times a day (24 hours) that would be every 8 hours, 4 times a day would be every 6 hours. This is obviously very difficult with children and bed times.

As a school we are happy to medicate your children for you (if you have filled in the form available at the office, Authority to Medicate). Please consider the above when deciding on what time and if it is necessary for the meds to be given at school. Please check with your doctor or pharmacist, if you need clarificaiton.
Reminder: The Office or myself must be notified of any medications at school. Please do not send medication with your child for them to keep in their bags. Your child may be very able to look after themselves, we not do know however, what affect their medication may have on others. We do have people at school that are allergic to all kinds of medications.