Empowerment Project Semester 1

What an amazing start to the Senior and Junior Empowerment Projects for 2018! Throughout the semester, students spent their Thursday afternoons participating in a range of different activities and learning new skills.

The Year 3 – 6 students had their turn in term 1 and it was amazing to see students busy working and engaged in their projects. The Mechanical Madness group took on an incredible challenge of turning an old piano into art, the Delish Academy cooked up a storm and the Science team conducted some amazing experiments.

In term 2, the Foundation – Year 2 students had their chance to participate and there was an activity to appeal to every student. We had students creating Stop Motion movies, gardening, building woodwork constructions, performing magic and much more.

All students then had a chance to demonstrate their projects and new skills to their families and fellow classmates at the Empowerment Project Showcase. It was a great celebration!