• Due to unforeseen circumstances, we have been notified by Ms Rebecca Gabriel of her resignation effective immediately.  After much discussion and deliberation we feel the solution that best meets the needs of the students and staff in Year 2 is for Mrs Sally Herbert to cover 2b, until the positioned is officially filled through recruitment processes.  In Summary:
    • Mrs Sally Herbert will be the 2b classroom teacher Week 1 – 4 Term 2.
    • Everything going to plan, a new teacher will be appointed for commencement Week 5, Term 2.
  • We wish to congratulate Mr Greg Booth (4b) on the safe arrival of his new baby daughter, Ivy.  As a result, Greg will be absent for the first two weeks of Term 2.  Mrs Bianca Chiovitti will be the replacement teacher.

Any questions, please feel free to contact the office.

Monique Corcoran