Due to unforeseen circumstances in relation to the installation of ramps on the decking area (Year 2’s and 4’s), we have been requested by the Department of Education to immediately relocate the classes of any students with physical, special needs.  This therefore directly affects Year 2a and Year 4b.  After much deliberation, the following changes to classroom relocation will take place.

  • 4b will now be positioned to the old Multi Purpose Room.
  • 2a will now be positioned where 1c were (ie. first classroom on the right hand side as you enter the main Gallery entrance).
  • 1c will now be positioned where 2a were (ie. first classroom on the left hand side as you walk onto the decking from the main path).

Find attached an updated map: Room locations 2018

Work has been completed over the holidays to ensure that classrooms are ready for Day #1, Term 2.
Any questions, please see me.

Monique Corcoran